Friday, July 16, 2010

Fotós kerestetik

Tegnap,vagyis julius 15-én találtam ezt a hirdetést,ami nem más mint "fotós kerestetik tengerjáró luxushajóra"

Job Description

You will be part of a five to fifteen member onboard photographic team. Your immediate supervisor would be the Photo Manager aboard your assigned vessel. Photographers live and work aboard as part of the ship’s company as crewmembers for periods of approximately six to eight months in most cases. Live aboard facilities include a modern twin share cabin with bathroom facilities. Cabins also are fitted with mod cons such as televisions with featured satellite and movie channels. As a “new joiner” you can expect to do a lot of work behind a camera photographing our cruise guests as well as the places the ship visits. You will also be serving as a sales consultant, in the photo gallery aboard, representing and selling your work and the work of your teammates. You’ll have other photographic and crew related duties as well. Every day is slightly different. You will be expected to work every day during your contract. Some days can be quite long with duties starting early and finishing late. You will most often be working in an environment alongside other photographers and sales staff that are a part of our on board team.

There is of course time off and as a crewmember you're entitled to go ashore and enjoy the ports and places. Your time off is of course subject to your work schedule and other crewmember responsibilities. There are crew facilities on board which may include things like a crew bar or lounge, library, internet room, laundry, crew pool, crew mess (restaurant) and other facilities that are exclusively for the crew’s use and enjoyment. As a photographer you will enjoy staff privileges as well. These include things like using in limits, some of the passenger facilities like the lounges, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, show venues, decks & pools, spas and gymnasium. Staff privileges and guidelines for use vary from ship to ship.

Ha esetleg felkeltette figyelmed,ide kattintva akár jelentkezhetsz is!


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